Capgemini - Chief Platform Engineer

06/2023 - today

As the Chief Platform Engineer for Cloud & Infrastructure Services Germany at Capgemini, Manuel supports customers in designing and building complex cloud-native infrastructures, with a current focus on public entities and industry customers in the defense sector.

T-Systems - Lead Architect Open Sovereign Cloud

07/2021 - 05/2023

Manuel started work at T-Systems International as part of the CTO’s team focussing on bootstrapping the Open Sovereign Cloud product of T-Systems and then following the product into their cloud services business unit. As the Lead Architect for the development of the Gardener on Metal project at TSI he was responsible for coordinating the work with the development teams at their partner SAP and managing TSI’s own development teams with about 24 developers total. Manuel also supported management in the go-to-market preparations and pricing calculations as well as in the cost controlling for hardware and datacenter costs. In addition Manuel headed the Infrastructure as a Service work package in the Catena-X project for TSI.

The Open Sovereign Cloud platform is based in TSI-owned datacenters and aims at providing a hyperscaler-like Kubernetes-as-a-service environment with added Software-as-a-Service offerings for highly regulated customers in Germany. Focus-industries included German public health insurances in the scope of the Gematik TI and defense.

Gardener on Metal aims to provide a fully Kubernetes-native datacenter automation for running the Gardener Kubernetes platform and includes state-of-the-art hardware management, network virtualization, storage management and much more.

Kubermatic - Project Tech Lead / Systems Architect

09/2019 - 06/2021

Kubermatic is a German startup focussing on supporting Kubernetes edge and multi-cloud use-cases with their Kubermatic Kubernetes platform and wide portfolio of professional services in the cloud-native space.

As a teamlead and systems architect in the professional services department, Manuel was the technical project lead for a diverse set of customer projects, working with public and private clouds, Kubernetes, and Go. His main focus areas included developing and improving platform architectures, requirements engineering, training customers and managing software development teams.

The projects that Manuel worked on, revolved around the cloud-native ecosystem, edge computing, migration of legacy architecture to cloud-native architectures, machine-learning and infrastructure software development in Kubernetes-based environments.

Various companies - DevOps Engineer

05/2013 - 08/2019

In various companies Manuel worked as a Linux system administrator and DevOps engineer with an early focus on container technologies, Kubernetes and cloud.
From classic environments to complex micro-services-based systems, Manuel had the chance to hone his technical skills and gain a wealth of experience in designing and building infrastructure solutions including custom automation tooling.

As part of his work Manuel acted regularly as a trainer for Git, Docker and Kubernetes within the different organizations.